Snake Game Google


Snake game google is an upgraded version from the classic game on everyone's favorite video game console. Now you can play Snake online using your browser by visiting, which supports the most current browsers such as Google Chrome, Safari, Mozilla Firefox, Opera… on mobiles and computers. The game has seen many changes in terms of graphics and sound effects to bring players an interesting and new experience.
Snake game google
in-game pictures snake game google

How to play Snake Game

  • PC: use the ◀️🔼🔽▶️ keys on your keyboard to control the snake
  • Mobile: Rotate your screen horizontally, press the “full screen” button to play. Press the virtual ◀️🔼🔽▶️ buttons on the screen to take control.
Adventure mod snake game
Adventure mod


  1. Survival Mode: Guide the snake to eat apples and cherries to increase your score. After each successful consumption, the snake will lengthen a bit, which means the difficulty raises a bit as well. The goal of this made is to make the snake as long as possible, score as high as possible, and survive as long as possible.
  2. Adventure Mode: Similar to Survival but is a bit more difficult because you will need to fulfill each level’s requirement in terms of fruits to eat within a limited amount of time. There are up to 20 levels waiting for you to conquer. The targets are visible on left-hand side of the scree.
Survival Mode classic snake game
Survival Mode


  • Apples stick around but only give 1 point when eaten
  • Every 5 apples eaten, a Cherry will spawn
  • A cherry only lasts for 10s. The sooner you eat it, the more score you’ll get. Therefore, try your best to eat the Cherry as quickly as possible.
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