Snake And Apple Game Google

The Snake Game Google's Apple Origins and Evolution

The addition of apples as snake game prey began with the very first snake arcade variants in the late 1970s. Since then, berries, dots, and other consumable items have come to populate many snake games. However, the apple has endured as the ubiquitous snake food, becoming nearly synonymous with the genre. When Google launched the official snake game google browser version in 2012, they wisely kept the classic apple association intact. In this article, we’ll explore why snake and apple have been linked for decades and how Google built on arcade traditions.

Origins of Apples in Snake Games

When Snake released in arcades in 1978, the developer's goal was expanding on the nascent snake gameplay pioneered two years prior while adding a new level of challenge. By giving players a goal beyond merely surviving, guiding the snake to “food” pellets, engrossing gameplay emerged.

The very first pellets took the shape of blocks. However, the developer soon shifted them to apples as he felt the design better fit a snake’s diet. Given how few pixels early arcade games had to work with, the small red apple pixels were recognizable as a food item. And thus the snake and apple game formula was born!

Thisaligned snake game design with common nature-based associations. Just as birds eat worms, snakes were known to eat small rodents or eggs. Making their arcade prey apples felt fitting even to early gamers. The tradition stuck as snake games proliferated, though berries, dots, bugs and other food items still occasionally appear to mix things up.

Google Doodle Snake Continues Traditions

When Google went to develop their official browser snake variant years later, keeping the apple association was a simple choice. As one of the most iconic and beloved snake formulas, linking their snake game directly to arcade classics made Google’s edition feel comforting rather than unpredictable.

The game launched in 2012 centered fully around apples. The playable snake Guide controlled by players navigates towards apples continuously spawning around the screen. Each apple consumed makes the snake longer, increasing difficulty. Even the game over text urges players to “Try again” to get more apples.

Beyond expected gameplay, Google had aesthetic motivations too. Given snake originated as an April Fools prank doodle, utilizing the classic apple prey helped it visually gel with the lighthearted whimsical doodle style. The red apple pops brightly against backgrounds and harmonizes with Google’s playful logo integration.

Even with far greater graphical capabilities than 70s arcades, Google knew not to mess with a proven formula. Keeping that nostalgic pixel snake chomping away at vibrant little apples cemented strong appeal across generations. It feels fresh yet familiar in the best way.

Variants Built on Google’s Formula

The runaway success of Google’s browser snake game inspired countless players and developers to iterate on their formula. These variants build upon Google’s gameplay style and visual themes in creative directions:

Snake Game with Worms

Some variants reimagine prey items to match different themes. Worm snake fits nature themes offering worms or other insects to munch.

Rainbow Snake Apples

Other modified versions add visual flourishes like rainbow-hued apples or glow effects while retaining classic gameplay.

3D and VR Snakes

Developers have expanded Google’s concept into three dimensions. Some apps and games plop players into VR snake worlds with realistic apples to collect in striking environments.

The apple and snake association runs strong as ever. Even with countless renditions now available, the instantly recognizable Google snake game remains one of the most popular and best loved. A testament to why some gaming traditions persist through decades.


Google’s faithful adaptation of arcade snake classics ensured apples felt right at home in their browser version. While additions like berries do occasionally show up in modern renditions, apples remain the ubiquitous snack of choice across endless snake game iterations. That iconic two-tone pixel apple will likely retain deep snake game associations for generations more. Proof of how developers big and small stick with reliable themes that resonate across the ages!