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Blightborne: A Dark Hero RPG With Challenging Turn-Based Combat

Blightborne is an indie fantasy RPG putting players in the shoes of dark heroes fighting back the tide of monsters flooding the world. With its challenging turn-based combat, brooding atmosphere, and emphasis on player choice, Blightborne aims to capture old-school RPG flavor with modern convenience.

The Blight Has Consumed the Land

Years ago, a corrupted blight magic swept across the realm, transforming men into beasts and awakening twisted nightmares. Refugees huddle in the last city while monsters roam the wilderness. You are outcasts with the power to wield Blight magic, the only force that can fight the encroaching darkness.

Character Classes

Choose from 7 playable classes like the swordsman, ranger, pyromancer, and shaman. Each features customizable powers and skill upgrades tailored to your playstyle.

Meaningful Choices

Decisions you make for your character and companions have consequences that dramatically impact the story and endings. Your choices determine who lives, dies, and what the ultimate fate held in store for the world.

Turn-Based Squad Combat

Engage monsters in challenging grid-based battles. Carefully position your party, manage action points, utilize skills and environments, and exploit enemy weaknesses. Customize and upgrade gear for added bonuses.

Delve Into Crypts and Dungeons

Explore hand-crafted underground areas full of monsters, secrets, and quest-related objectives. Navigate treacherous traps, solve puzzles, locate hidden loot, and battle bosses.

Gothic Fantasy Setting

The world mixes medieval and supernatural elements. Ancient magical practices meet swords and armor while struggling against the feverish Blight invasion.

Mature Storytelling

Blightborne features darker themes and moral complexity. Conflicts have consequences with storytelling aimed at mature audiences.

Answers to Key Questions

For those curious about this dark fantasy RPG, here are the details:

What platforms is Blightborne available on?

Blightborne is releasing on PC (Windows, Mac, Linux). Future console ports are possible after early access launch.

How does character progression work?

Use experience from combat to unlock new skills and upgrade core stats like strength, intellect, damage, and more. Loot gear with special bonuses.

Is there magic in Blightborne?

Yes, certain classes like the mage and shaman specialize in dark magical attacks and powers. All characters can wield Blight magic in various ways.

Is there multiplayer or co-op?

No, Blightborne is a single player focused experience. You control a party of different hero classes.

Delivering Innovative Turn-Based Play

With its brooding atmosphere, dark heroes, and consequences-laden story, Blightborne aims to deliver an elevated take on tactical RPG combat paired with player-driven stories. It seeks to innovate rather than retread familiar territory with fresh twists in progression, environments, and turn-based battles. For fans craving memorable adventures and strategic challenges, Blightborne could become your next RPG obsession when it hits early access. Explorer our snake game Google website now.



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