Gold Miner Jack

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Gold miner belongs to the classic game genre that has appeared for a long time on PC and still has a certain attraction today. In this game, you will have to play jack - a gold digger hunting for valuable treasures underground,conquer many levels to have high scores, attractive rewards. With simple gameplay but you also need to use a little agility to pull more gold. Players are provided with a gold tractor, the rope will move continuously from left to right and vice versa. At the beginning of the game, gold bars, stone bars or diamonds will appear on the screen. Each level, the system will make a minimum requirement. Players need a little ingenuity to pull exactly expensive gold bars or diamonds.
When you pass the specified amount of a level, you will be accumulating that amount for the next turn. However, at the end of a turn, the convenience store with all the necessary items will appear. Consider when using money. Because the price of the items is quite expensive and sometimes you will have to pull back the money used in the store.

Use your mouse to manipulate the game